Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm so Postmodern...or am I?

Today I was thinking about the ever amorphous term "postmodern." Most people use the word to describe something that is new, cool, or hip..and they generally use the word already realizing how ridiculous it sounds; it's a joke to them, as it is to most sane individuals (I'll explain later).

When intellectuals define postmodernism they generally use a bunch of big fancy words and lengthy paragraphs to say something that could easily be said in a few sentences (they do what I classify as "word dropping" -- it's essentially diction's equivalent of the concept of name dropping). To sum up, Post-modernism as a theory can be best described as the denial of universal truth and the inherent subjectivity of reality, morality, and experience. It denies religion as a universal means to truth. It denies science as a universal means to truth. Come to think of it, I can see why it's so hard to define. I guess in a world ruled by postmodern thought, postmodern could mean whatever you wanted it to mean. It could also mean whatever I wanted it to mean. The best part is, we'd both be right.

My question is this, If I'm critiquing postmodernism, am I being postmodern for denying the universal application and truth of postmodernism (subjectivity)? Is the apex of postmodernism the denial of postmodernism? Postmodernism is a theory, framework, and construct just as religion, law, government, and science (as viewed in a postmodern light). Why should postmodern thought escape the same evaluation it holds other frameworks to? According to its own rules, isn't it just a single framework that can't be accepted as universal truth just as all the others? Postmodern thought, when followed to its logical ends, seems to discredit itself. It's like an eloquent defense attorney who constantly undermines his own case. It seems a paradox.

End rant. 

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  1. Austin, I love that you have a blog and I will totally follow you but you have to keep posting! You are so funny! When I was reading this I kept thinking about our fun times in the basement of the law office cutting staples out of paper. Wow. The excitement was out of control.